Hena Hanzali Zadeh

Hena Hanzali Zadeh's paintings



   Orchids take away my clothes from the cloth , s string به فارسی بخوانید


it is years that I cultivate seeds on the papers and canvas. The seeds that belong to the time. They have roots of the special moment rubric for me .sometimes  canvas take roots in themselves . they create branches in different lands .the important point is that bloom , facing  your face when you look at them .and your eyes shine in search .sometimes I cultivate seeds that will not grow green , I make them grow .They become creatures that I wanted  they breath the life from the bed of ingrowing . there is a house in my mind that over its walls there is Wall clock hanging .the wooden bird of the Wall clock is waiting for the birth of her chickens , and artificial flower pot on the table has a habited of drinking water .
I wonder  a about  in this city and Thake the breath I have created in mind .
In every corner of this town looking at me. I close my eyes  and take the hand of somebody  and  tell her I want grow  these seeds over and on your head , maybe the Oak tree   , maybe a Bird asleep.
I ask her herself what do you like ? but  I don, t listen to her response , and thrown a handful of colored seeds on her head . and he just looks at me .
I think  that there is the seed of silence among the seeds .
We can  cultivate every thing here : happiness , desire , loneliness , flying , crying , lack of tolerance and even Gloom…..
Tonight  a baby will  be born from the mind of her mother , the mother  that had desired hugging a baby .
Here orchids take away my clothes from the wet clothes string . yesterday  my  shirt was worn by the wild Lily , she took of her roots from  the soil and  escaped .
I have  to recall and  remember to  teach the flight of  mind to the chickens of the  Wall clock.