Hena Hanzali Zadeh

Hena Hanzali Zadeh's paintings

About Me

sara ashrafiSara Ashrafi lives and works in Tehran –Iran, Her interest in the visual arts begins very early. Mainly self-taught, she participates in professional development workshops when she was 13 years old and worked as a Cartoonist for Iranian famous Magazines at the age of 19, later she enter University of graphic Azad university and obtains a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors.
She is invited to prestigious symposium and exhibitions, in particular Tehran-Iran and Italy, Bratislava _ Slovakia, Colombo _ Sirilanaka, Hudson _ New York , sion _ switzeland, Iravan _ armenia . Her works are part of many public and private collections in Iran, and Europe.
She is a member of the coalition of artists in visual arts of Iran, and the Institute of Representative Arts She has been published since 2006, in the Biennial Directory of Iranian artists in galleries of Khaneh Honarmandan,tareh-no, An article on her work appeared in the journal Magazin'art spring 2011.

Artist statement

Through my work, I want to identify and convey the emotional impression I feel about a subject. I paint in Acrylicl for its rich colors and creamy texture. I am passionate in painting about normal routine life and social issues. In all my painting I try to achieve a memorable moment in the depths of the mind. Sense of longing for someone is always present in my work. My paintings are intended expressionist, with textured brushstrokes that draw the focus where I want to lead the viewer. They are imprints of social life , sometimes dramatic, where the pictorial quality tends to create an impression of the subject, leaving to the viewer his share of dreams.

Date of birth: 1981
Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

Awards and achievements

• Member of Iranian painters (SIP)
• Honorary Member of painting field
• 2002 – Bachelor of Arts, Graphic, Azad university, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

2018 _ gallery la treille _ Switzerland _ sion
2014 _ Nar gallery _ Tehran _ Iran
2014 _ Negah gallery _ Tehran _ Iran
2002 _ Tarhe-no gallery _Tehran _ Iran
• 2016 _ Gallery la treille _Switzerland
• 2017 _ DUO gallery _ Switzerland  
• 2017 _ trelex residency _ Switzerland _ Geneva

Group exhibition

2018 _ landsber gallery _Germany
2018 _ pardis mellat gallery _ Iran _ Tehran
2018 _ Seyhoon art gallery _ Iran _ Tehran
2017 _ Seyhoun art gallery _ Tehran _ Iran
2017 _ gallery D.assadi _ nyon _ Switzerland
2015 _ khaneh honarmandan _ Tehran _Iran
2014 _ Lattuada studio _ Milan _ Italy
2014 _ art gallery _ Bratislava _ Slovakia
2013 _ Art biennial Colombo _ Sirilanka
2015 _ limner gallery _ Hudson _ New York
2015 _ ace gallery _ Tehran _ Iran
2016 _ 8th FADJR international festival of visual arts
2016 _ Second sale Iranian contemporary artists
2016 _ staying iranians art _ Iravan _armenia
2017 _ la treille gallery _ Switzerland